25 septembre 2014
IFP School launches its first MOOC

Course objectives
The objective of this course, over four weeks and within the context of the energy transition and sustainable mobility, is to understand the technical concepts and environmental issues related to the automotive industry.
The course, through an interactive approach, will address the various issues related to the industry: economic context, fuel manufacturing and specifications, engine technology, treatment of emissions and pollution, hybridization, alternative fuels...

Who is the course for?
Anyone interested in sustainable mobility
Students following courses in the technology and economics of energy
Professionals from the automotive industry


Week 1
Energy and environment
The first week of the course will look at the place of oil and gas in today's transport sectors. We will also see the environmental legislation that has promoted the development of alternative energy sources in a context of ever increasing mobility.

Week 2
Fuels and how engines work
After a technical introduction to engines, we will study the basic concepts of fuels and refining. We will take a look at how diesel and gasoline are produced respecting the technical specifications of different countries.

Week 3
Engine technology and post-treatment systems
The main area addressed this week will be engine technology: engine efficiency, engine parts, characteristics of a drive cycle... We will explain how pollutants are formed and study the technology used to reduce emissions (post-treatment systems).

Week 4
Tomorrow's mobility
This final week will be the opportunity to draw up a panorama of technologies being developed at present such as alternative fuels and hybridization of vehicles. This panorama will be complemented by interviews with R&D experts from IFP Energies nouvelles. We will also cover the new uses in transport which will be part of tomorrow's mobility.

Practical information
Language: English
Prerequisite: 1 or 2 years of higher education
Beginning of course: 3rd November 2014
End of course: 30th November 2014
Registrations: As of 15th September 2014
Workload: 2 to 3 hours per week
Teachers: an international team of IFP School faculty members
An interactive and innovative teaching approach: a serious game as a case study!
A certificate of participation and achievement will be issued by IFP School.

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